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You’ve found a supreme viewpoint that will nurture and empower you at every level of being. You’ve found a deep well of practices that value release over effort and calm over achievement. You’ve found a teacher with expertise in the full spectrum of the Vedic tradition and an understanding of how to apply timeless teachings to real modern life.


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6 Weeks | 20 CEUs

Continuing Ed for yoga teachers, yoga therapists & healing practitioners. Recorded for those who  can’t join live.

Ayurvedic Tools for Nighttime Sleep Assessment and Treatment | Yogic and Tantric Teachings on Yoga Nidra | Practical Tools | Vedanta Philosophy on the States of Consciousness | Modern Sleep Science | Puranic Stories | Adaptable Shavasana Options for Accessibility | Learn to Write Your Own Yoga Nidra Script | Lots of Q&A Time!

Transform Your Life through Supreme Release Yoga

Yoga is resolution. A true yoga will release and resolve what is distorting or obstructing the fully self satisfied Self.  As part of the overall Vedic system, yoga is meant to be a path of inner unfoldment in which we cultivate both glad acceptance and loving presence. Supreme Release Yoga (SRY) offers a path to practice in accordance with this supreme  potential of yoga, in which the student is bathed in the love that is his or her birth right. In that nurtured place, the yogis viewpoint, wellbeing and life come to align in a way that makes sense. 

SRY offers the full spectrum of Vedic wisdom, including Yoga, Vedanta, Sanskrit, Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology, and more. These systems are interdependent, and woven together they deliver the true promise of Yoga — the resolution of suffering and the discovery of the self-satisfied Self.

The world — including the world of modern Yoga — is filled with enough pushing and striving. Study SRY and learn how how to soften into the bliss of the Self {and learn to help others to do this as well}.

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What Students Say

Honoring tradition


“[Kaya] honors the tradition of Yoga, its depth, its beauty, and its complexity. Studying with her has been pleasurable, engaging, and I intend to continue.”

Katy, Yoga Therapist in Training

A teacher's teacher


“Kaya is a teacher’s teacher….very well versed in philosophy, anatomy, Ayurveda, mentoring, and business. She is a masterful teacher of all these things and more.”

Janis, Yoga Therapist

Incredibly valuable


“It’s incredibly valuable for me to have Kaya as my guide as I guide others. What a gift. It feels like a way to be sure that I’m doing my best work. Plus, I just love her.”

Lauren, Yoga Therapist and Meditation Coach

An inspiration


“While Kaya’s business acumen and technical expertise are exceptional, she lives what she teaches, which makes her an inspiration.”

Bonnie, SRY Teacher

Empowering and inspiring


“I walk away from every training and coaching call inspired and empowered to apply what I have learned in my own life and with my Yoga students. I see the tremendous benefit in my personal life and those I teach as I apply her teachings in my personal and professional life.”

Barbara, Yoga Teacher 

The practice I yearned for


“This practice has given me experiences of the deeper states of consciousness I always yearned for.”

George, Psychotherapist

Release with Yoga Nidrā

Get free recordings for your home practice of Yoga Nidrā.

Yoga Nidrā is the state of yogic sleep. These guided awareness recordings offer the experience of blissful awareness and a journey inward toward a more profound understanding of yourself. 

“{To master the Yoga pose} Abandon all effort and contemplate the infinite.”
– Patanjali Yoga Sūtras

Knowledge that Nourishes