The Nectar of the Gītā

An Online Program on the Bhagavad Gītā


Master your life through the study of the Bhagavad Gītā

“Om. Goddess Mother Bhagavadgītā! I repeatedly invoke you… who showers the nectar of oneness, and is the destroyer of suffering”

~ The Gītā Dhyānam

Like a mother who alleviates the suffering of her child, Bhagavad Gītā offers the remedy for the struggle of life. Prayed to as the divine mother, the Bhagavad Gītā nourishes its listeners with the nectar we crave ~ a clear explanation of the human condition, an inspired, but practical, means to unbreakable happiness in the midst of life.

The Gītā is unique because it delivers the most supreme teachings not on a serene isolated mountain top, but right in the center of the messy, conflict-ridden life of a householder.

When assimilated, the Gītā resolves inner pain, spiritual bypass, and the inner distaste for the realities of life. Students of the Gītā come to live life itself as a Yoga, in every moment. Its teachings of Dharma, Karma and the divine lay the foundation for deep understanding of everything.

While many Yoga students and teachers have some introductory or book-based exposure to the Bhagavad Gītā, few in the West have received the in-depth teachings that are needed to truly unpack, digest, and apply the wisdom. Many are left with feel-good affirmations and quotes that don’t create true transformation. To study this text deeply opens the door for the wisdom to truly alchemize the struggles and complexities of life into joy.

Gain access to these transformational teachings through an in-depth live, online program, offered over the next year and a half in three six-week courses.

Each six-week course is a journey in accordance with the three parts of the Gītā itself. As Krishna pours knowledge into Arjuna in the center of the battlefield, the knowledge is poured into you, nourishing as only true nectar can.

The Gītā guides every part of life — it is the only self-help teaching you’ll ever need.

Reserve your space for part 1, The Nectar of Action {this is a stand alone course, but with parts 2 and 3 comprise the full Nectar of the Gītā program!}.

Join the Nectar of Action

Part 1 of the three-part Bhagavad Gītā online series

Begins July 12

Six consecutive Fridays, 3:00 p.m. Pacific Time, U.S.

Program fee: $198
Early Bird until July 5: $174

The Nectar of the Gītā program provides 45 CEU hours for Yoga teachers.

Course 1: The Nectar of Action

Begins Friday, July 12

Live Yoga now. Right in the midst of your life, as it is.

Life is made of action. In this way, action is a constant opportunity for maturation. A central teaching in the Bhagavad Gītā it that it is possible to alchemize every moment of one’s life into a process of spiritual growth. This is the heart of Karma Yoga, and the key to a deeply satisfying life.

Learn what it means to bring the teachings of Karma Yoga directly into your life, avoiding the pitfalls of using Yoga as a form of spiritual bypass. Over six weeks of svadhyāya, explore deeply all that Krishna shares with Arjuna about living as a yogi in the world.

Explore how these teachings apply directly to your own journey to discover the self-satisfied Self in the life you are leading now. 

The Nectar of Action is a stand alone course, however, combined with Courses 2 and 3, it comprises the full Nectar of the Gītā program. Graduates of Course 1, The Nectar of Action, will receive a discount on Course 2 and 3.

In Nectar of Action, part 1 of the Bhagavad Gītā online program, you will:

  • Listen to a retelling of the incredible Story of the Mahābhārata, setting the context of the Gītā.
  • Learn what is Dharma, and how to live in accordance with it.
  • Dismantle modern distortions of yogic teachings, including the misconception that there are distinct paths to Yoga.
  • Explore the problem of popular but misguided teachings of “non-attachment.”
  • Discover how the intricacies of Karma lead to our current circumstances.
  • Gain insight into the root of suffering and the human condition.
  • Learn the timeless problem of spiritual bypass and how to prevent it.
  • Understand the most essential desire that all people share.
  • Find out why staying right in the thick of your life {rather than using Yoga to escape from it} is the most yogic thing you can do.
  • Learn Kaya’s “Five Pillars of Karma Yoga,” and how to use them to turn every action into a spiritual practice.

Join the Nectar of Action

Part 1 of the three-part Bhagavad Gītā online series

Begins July 12

Six consecutive Fridays, 3:00 p.m. Pacific Time, U.S.

Program fee: $198
Early Bird until July 5: $174

The Nectar of the Gītā program provides 45 CEU hours for Yoga teachers.

Keep reading to learn more about Course 2 and 3 of this online Bhagavad Gita program!

Course 2: The Nectar of Love

Fall 2020 {registration coming soon} 

Explore the Vedic vision of God. In this second section of the Bhagavad Gītā, we learn through the eyes of Arjuna how to understand and relate to the divine and how to discover the love of the Self as divine and the divine as one’s Self. 

Graduates of Course 1, The Nectar of Action, receive a discount on Course 2 and 3.

Course 3: The Nectar of Knowledge

Winter 2020 {registration coming soon} 

 In this third and final section of the Bhagavad Gītā, our thirst to understand the world is quenched with profound explanations about human psychology. Students grow in self-understanding of the inner obstacles and then receive the gift of ultimate love ~ the teaching of how to discover the self-satisfied Self.

Graduates of Courses 1 and 2 will receive a discount on Course 3.

What Past Students Say

I can't imagine it being done better


​”I was on the ‘edge of my bolster’ throughout the lectures, in utter awe and delight to receive these teachings. I now have an understanding of Karma Yoga and the knowledge of HOW to bring Yoga into everyday. Kaya’s teaching method was super effective in general — I can’t imagine it being done better!”

Lauren, Yoga Therapist and Meditation Teacher

Learned so deeply


“I adored and loved this course! Would do it again! I have learned so deeply how the Gita outlines clearly the path to psychological freedom.”

Beth, Yoga Teacher


The first time I understood the teachings


“In all my years of Yoga this was the first time I was able to understand [The Bhagavad Gita]”

Anna, Yoga Teacher


Would do this again and again


“I would do this course again and again. I have gained a sense of control over my life…that I am not at the mercy of my external circumstances. At the same time I have realized that some things are not in my control. Thank you Kaya!”

Yvette, Yoga Teacher


Frequently Asked Questions about The Nectar of Nidra

Are classes live or pre-recorded?
All classes are taught LIVE via video conferencing (Fridays at 3:00 p.m., Pacific Time, U.S., starting July 12) and recorded. This means you can attend live and revisit the material or watch the recordings on your own schedule. Attending live is ideal, I love when people can attend live, but I know due to time zones, travel, work schedules it’s not always possible. If you plan to watch the recordings, set aside a dedicated time each week.

It is okay if you have to arrive late or leave early from the live classes.

What do I need to attend the live classes?
Joining live is simple. All classes are held on Zoom. You join with one click from a mobile device or a computer. You’ll need an internet connection to join live or watch/listen later, which is all up on the dedicated Nectar of Gita website.

After you register, you’ll receive a PDF with a link to the Zoom classroom. A few hours before each class you’ll receive a “Click to Join” email. You can also click to join from right inside the program site.

When will the recordings be available?
Within 12 hours you’ll receive a link to the recording via email. You’ll access everything from the dedicated Nectar of the Gita program site.

How long is each class?
Each lesson is about 90 minutes of lecture followed by Q&A.

Is there a way to just listen to the audio?
If you’re trying to minimize screen time, just listen as an audio course. The video is there to make it a little more engaging for people who are more visual.

Will there be opportunities to ask questions?
Yes! The nature of the class is a 90-minute lecture followed by time for Q&A. There is also a way to type Qs into the Nectar of the Gita site after each lesson, and then I will respond to them on the page, or in subsequent live classes.


Join the Nectar of Action

Part 1 of the three-part Bhagavad Gītā online series

Begins July 12

Six consecutive Fridays, 3:00 p.m. Pacific Time, U.S.

Program fee: $198
Early Bird until July 5: $174

The Nectar of the Gītā program provides 45 CEU hours for Yoga teachers.

Kaya is the founder of SRY™ which is based in the full spectrum of the Vedic Yoga tradition. She has been teaching therapeutic restorative Yoga therapy since 2001. Kaya’s work is healing, transformative, deeply rejuvenating, and empowers her student and clients with wisdom and inner experience. Her training in the full spectrum of the Vedic Tradition includes Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Prenatal Yoga, Ayurveda, Women’s Health, Eastern Anatomy, Sanskrit, Vedic Astrology, and Vedanta Philosophy. She collaborates with her husband Michael Manzella, a Vedic Astrologer, to serve Yoga students and teachers who are inclined toward depth of inner experience and knowledge. MORE ON KAYA.

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