Nectar of Nidra Course: Independent Study Online Course


Guide others in the magic and power of Yoga Nidrā, with the full spectrum of the Vedic tradition.

Purchase now to get the recordings from the last round in April 2019 as an online independent study program. As a bonus, you’ll receive FREE access to the next live round in winter 2020!

After purchasing, you’ll receive a document with instructions on how to access the recordings online. You’ll receive six pre-recorded classes plus additional course materials for each lesson.



Independent Study Online Program: Learn to Lead Yoga Nidrā!
Study at your own pace!

What you’ll learn:

  • Āyurvedic knowledge and tools for assessing and improving sleep state {for yourself and your students}.
  • The​ Vāstu {Vedic Architecture} perspective on the architecture of reclined poses for sleep and yogic sleep.
  • Tantric teachings on the Soma Nectar of rejuvenation gathered during Yoga Nidra.
  • The Yoga Nidrā system of drawing attention inward to rejuvenate and resolve problematic conditioning {saṃskāra}.
  • Upanishadic investigation into the waking, dreaming and sleeping states.

Six video lessons + additional weekly course material + plenty of Q&A time.
Total of 20 hours continuing education!

Read the full course description, including a week-by-week list of what you’ll learn.