One-On-One Sessions with Kaya

I believe in making a profound impact one person at a time.

I work directly with a small number of clients,  students and teachers-in-training because true healing and transformation  takes time and dedication and happens with a comrade who is willing to support you fully through that process.  


We each have painful patterns, accumulated over many years {or lifetimes} that must be resolved to live a happy and healthy life. The yoga tradition prescribes 12 years of committed practice, in relationship with a teacher or guide, to blast through these limitations. These Deeper Commitment Packages were designed to concentrate what would otherwise take many years, into a shorter time frame of supported healing.

You are a good fit for one on one Deeper Packages if you :

  • Are an experienced student of yoga looking for a truly deep dive to the next level in your own healing and transformation.
  • Want VIP support from an experienced practitioner who makes you  a priority.
  • Want to resolve pain at the root and make permanent healing change.
  • Are a teacher or wellness practitioner needing an authentic partner in your own healing.

Reflections From A Teacher


“If you are looking for ‘the real deal’ and a teacher who is a companion on your path, Kaya is a teacher you should meet.”

Jen, SRY Teacher and Gyrotonic Teacher

Postive Shifts Working With Kaya


I am still amazed by what happens in one on one work with Kaya. I had barely scraped the surface of these patterns in 15 years of prior practices, compared to what I have gotten out of two plus years of dedicated work with Kaya. I’m beginning to feel the interconnectedness of many physical and emotional patterns and how working on the root can resolve a lot of connected patterns at once. My relationship to love, friendships and family have all shifted in positive ways. I am better able to express fears and desires, even when I feel vulnerable, because I see how opening up not only helps me, but helps others. I could keep going.

– Barbara, SRY Yoga Teacher

Kind Words


“You’re amazing. You always know exactly what to do.”

Vanessa, Landscape Architect

A Very Successful Expiernece


“First we worked together to address chronic back pain. It not only reduced my pain, but significantly calmed my whole being. It was deeply nurturing. Next, Kaya created a treatment plan to address my recurring cycle of rebounding into pain after periods of improvement. Kaya was expert in using her knowledge of yoga and ayurveda to address issues that were specific to my needs. She was respectful of my sensibilities, was without judgment, and did not force an agenda. Kaya has the gift to get to the core of an issue, discuss it in a matter-of-fact fashion, and make information relevant and understandable. The experience has been very successful. The level of commitment and personal attention from Kaya is what helped me be successful.

– Katie, nurse


Heal + Transform 3 Month VIP Program

Get total body-mind-life transformation. Heal physical and mental pain or trauma deeply, gently and directly. Concentrate what would otherwise be years of up-and-down slow-paced healing into 90 days of ascension. Appropriate for regular students interested in a deeper dive or newcomers needing extra support.

Program fee – $3,197 {savings of $1,800}

  • Initial Intake and Breakthrough Session
  • 2 weekly Yoga Therapy Sessions {24 total sessions}
  • Comprehensive Ayurvedic Consultation, Recommendations + Follow-ups throughout
  • Ongoing accountability engagement for your yoga + Ayurveda including VIP email access
  • Yoga and Ayurveda self-care handouts
  • 1 Comprehensive Vedic Astrology Reading + Follow up
  • Audio Guided Home Practice Recording
  • Audio Guided Relaxation Recording
  • Unlimited access to all levels yoga classes


Deepen and Sustain 3 Month Program

Get steady and deep healing change. Designed for individuals who have completed the Brahma Program and want to continue and sustain the openings over time, or for students who attend regular classes and want to dedicate 3 months to a deeper dive and more healing support.

Program Fee – $1500 {savings of $200}

  • 1 weekly yoga therapy session {12 sessions}
  • 1 weekly yoga class
  • 1 Ayurvedic consultation + Check ins as needed
  • 10% discount on Vedic Astrology Consultations


Ongoing Openings Monthly Member

Ensure ongoing healing openings and avoid a backslide into old patterns. Designed for yogis who have completed the Brahma or Vishnu Program and want to continue and integrate the healing changes, or for regular students with a home practice who want to make self-care an ongoing priority.

Program fee – $216/month {savings of $60}

  • 1 monthly yoga therapy session
  • 1 weekly yoga class
  • 1 Ayurveda check-in + recommendations
  • 10% discount on Vedic Astrology Consultations

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