High-Touch Yoga

Mini Online Class

Learn how to lead small classes for more money and a deeper impact. 


High Touch Yoga: Designing Semi-Private Classes

Mini Online Class

Learn a simple approach to make small classes deeper for students (and more profitable for you). In this course, you’ll get important principles, as well as easy implementation steps to make more money from small classes!

This is great for teachers who like to offer “high touch” classes or who would like to do “semi-private” classes of small numbers (about 2-8 people). Get specific details for creating, planning, and promoting your High-Touch Yoga class, including understanding how to invite students so that they will be excited about the opportunity to pay more money for your extra attention.

Who Should Take this Course?

This course was designed for restorative and hands-on Yoga teachers. This is for teachers who tend to have small classes or like to teach therapeutically and find they give a lot of themselves without much money to show for it.


Audio Course + Workbook

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Audio courses count as CEU “non-contact hours.”

What Past Students Say

A true and skillful teacher


Kaya is a true and skillful teacher. She has an amazing breadth and depth of knowledge that she brings into her work and she is also very grounded in reality.” 

Barbara, SRY Teacher

Beautifully designed


“Kaya’s trainings for teachers are beautifully designed — significantly layered for depth, yet simple and clear. Her presence is clear, deeply knowledgeable and she incorporates the principles of Yoga in context and content.” 

Jen, Yoga Teacher

An exemplary teacher


Kaya is an exemplary teacher and role model who encourages discovery and transformation.” 

Bonnie, SRY Yoga Teacher

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