Mentoring and Vedic Counseling

Profound personal growth comes from consistent, personalized, attentive work with a skilled advisor who has treaded the path you are on. This direct relationship, which is the heart of how Vedic wisdom has been shared, allows the mentee to benefit immediately and directly from applying yogic teachings to every aspect of life in real time.

Who Benefits from Mentoring

  • You are a Yoga teacher who has endured personal trauma and are looking to resolve the past to move forward in life and teaching in a new way.
  • You are at the start of your Yoga career and want to refine your vision and approach in accordance with your individual skills and dreams.
  • You are a seasoned Yoga teacher ready to realign your approach or your business model with who you are now.
  • You are a teacher or healing professional looking to gain new techniques to share with your students or clients.
  • You are a yogi who would benefit from an objective viewpoint and applicable principles to transform your life and career through Vedic wisdom, making all of life Yoga.

No matter your starting point, mentoring and Vedic counseling can support your unique path and individual needs.

Reflections from students

Laughter and lightness


“I’ve always felt seen by Kaya and her emotional intelligence coupled with care goes a long way. I love her sharp wit — it feels like we can cut through crap and get to work (or play). Her laughter and lightness is often a reminder I appreciate.” 

Lauren, Yoga Therapist and Meditation Coach

Coach for all aspects


“With Kaya’s coaching I now have the ‘why’ of my business, which allows me to keep a clear focus and not be pulled off course. I have had so many wonderful mentors but Kaya is the first mentor who has been able to coach me in all aspects of my business.” 

Barbara, Yoga Teacher

Inspired in my work


“I have gained a greater sense of confidence and clarity around my purpose as a teacher, and am once again inspired in my work.” 

Pamela, Yoga Teacher

Teaching Yoga as a way of life


“Kaya embodies the true practice of Yoga as a way of life. She helped me see my blind spots and grow in a way I didn’t think possible.” 

Elaine, Yoga Therapist

The Purpose of Yoga Mentoring and Vedic Counseling

I am honored to have spent many years developing deep, personal relationships with my teachers of Yoga, Vedanta, Ayurveda, Jyotish, business, and more. Through these relationships, I was able to explore the depth of learning and personal transformation that is not possible in a group setting.

The mentoring relationship is rooted in the love of knowledge, healing, and growth. 

Through Yoga mentoring, it is possible to explore any aspect of your life that needs attention — personal or professional {these are never disconnected!} — through the Vedic viewpoint. Seeing life through the lens of this wisdom makes difficulties simpler to manage, fortifies strengths, and opens a sense of allowance for divine unfoldment.

Here are some of the reasons people have come to me for mentoring or Vedic counseling:

  • To resolve trauma or mindsets blocking svadharma {individual purpose}
  • To align career with values and karma.
  • To grow a Yoga toolbox with SRY skills.
  • To establish a business vision and plan.
  • To design Yoga offerings {workshops, private packages, retreats}.
  • To write group lesson plans or private session plans.
  • To troubleshoot challenging students and clients.
  • To refine teaching or marketing language to fit the audience,
  • To cultivate a deeper relationship with Self, partners, or colleagues.
  • To deepen a personal Yoga practice or yogic lifestyle.

Mentoring and Vedic counseling sessions can take place in person or by phone/video call. I can make recordings of your call available so you can review all that we covered.

Purchase a single session

$125 for one hour

Purchase a package of four sessions

$427 for four hours

Knowledge that Nourishes