For Teachers

Therapeutic Yoga Training & Teacher Mentoring or Counseling

It is incredible to have a successful yoga therapy career that supports my family and fits my yogic lifestyle and values. I love teaching teachers, compressing what I received in over a decade of investment of time and money in Yoga Therapy, Vedic Wisdom, Vedanta Knowledge, Sanskrit, Business Training and experience into digestible modules and mentoring. I design each teacher offering to be practical, purposeful and applicable to your personal practice and professional life.


Trainings with Kaya are for teachers who want to:

  • Re-discover Yoga as a Nectar
  • Advance your therapeutic skills
  • Boost your earning capacity
  • Grow your confidence with practical tools
  • Fulfill your hunger for deep wisdom and transformation
  • Immediately utilize what you learn with students and clients

Ways To Work With Kaya



Personalized Support

We work one-on-one on your needs from your personal practice to Vedic counseling, to business vision or designing yoga offerings to trouble-shooting students and more. Get the direct support of  my attention, yoga therapy expertise, entrepreneurial experience, and  Vedic counseling.

Train In Person

The Classical Way To Learn

For teachers who want to make an advanced and vibrant commitment to their skill. This is a boutique setting that cultivates, hands-on yoga therapy skills, engage all five senses in learning, practice on different bodies, cultivate community and experience your own personal healing and transformation along the way.

Train Online

The Modern Way To Learn

Continuing education at your leisure from home. Choose from ready-for-you mini courses and live in-depth programs. Online offerings from Kaya inspire and augment your expertise with therapeutic principles & Vedic teachings designed for real-world application with yourself and your students.

A Heartfelt Thank You From A Teacher


“A heartfelt thank you for this training. It offered a new depth to my personal and professional practice. I cannot stress enough, how grateful I am for your thoughtful preparation, your kind and compassionate delivery, the level of professionalism, and desire to educate.”

Patricia, Therapeutic Yoga Specialist

Reflections From A Teacher


Kaya’s presence is delightful, caring, easy to follow. The information is delivered in a way that allows for processing and is filled with a light sense of genuine humor and deep wisdom. Every training with Kaya just gets better! Thank you!

Jackie, SRY Teacher and Pilates Teacher

Shared Insirpation & Knowledge From A Teacher


Kaya is rare in her focused instruction that inspires me and leaves me feeling that I’ve learned substantial tools that I can use. Thank you Kaya, for all that you’ve shared with us!”

Lauren, Yoga Therapist in Training

Kaya’s Professional Bio & Experience

Kaya has been teaching yoga for 18 years, and training and mentoring yoga teachers for nine. She encountered yogic teachings in 1998, and abandoned academia to delve into thousands of hours of direct tutelage and formal training with generous teachers in Vedic tradition. 

An accredited Yoga Therapist and Teachers’ Teacher, Kaya’s approach integrates full spectrum of Vedic therapies – Yoga and Yoga Therapy, Women’s Health, Clinical Ayurveda, Vedic Counseling, Vedanta Philosophy, Vastu and Vedic Astrology. Long-time seekers, healing professionals, dedicated yogis and teachers resonate with Kaya’s loving method, technical acumen and her mothering bhava. 

Kaya is committed to resolving misleading messages and distortions of teachings in the popular yoga world, thanks to the benefit of her authentic direct training with brilliant teachers, including Dr. Sarita Shrestha, Rama Berch, Hart deFouw, Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati, and Swami Tattvavidananda. She works with dedicated yogis and teachers both in person and online and lives with her  husband, Vedic Astrologer Michael Manzella and their children.

Vedic Training and Accreditation

Vedic Training and Accreditation

  •  Accredited Yoga Therapist, C-IAYT {highest National recognition)
  •  Accredited IAYT Yoga Therapy Training Faculty
  •  Accredited YACEP {Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider}
  •   Accredited ERYT500 {Experienced Yoga Teacher}, Yoga Alliance
  •   Accredited RPYT {Pregnancy Yoga Teacher}, Yoga Alliance
  •   Soma, Nectar of Rejuvenation Course, Dr. David Frawley, 2016
  •   Two month Vedanta and Sanskrit Immersion, Arsha Vidya Gurukula 2011
  •   Advanced Certification in Jyotisha {Vedic Astrology}, Vedic Vidya Institute and Hart deFouw, 2010
  •   Intermediate Certification in Vastu {Vedic Design}, Vedic Vidya Institute and Hart deFouw, 2009
  •   Foundational and Advanced Certifications Hasta Samudrika {Vedic Hand Analysis}, 2009
  •   Ayurveda for Women’s Health, Advanced Course, Dr. Sarita Shreshtha, 2009
  •   Training and Apprenticeship for Teaching Teachers, Master Yoga Teaching Institute,   2008-2009
  •   Yoga Business Certification, Master Yoga Teaching Institute 2008
  •   Advanced Deeper Yoga Certification, Yoga for Your Back Certification, and Pregnancy Yoga Training, Master Yoga Teaching Institute, 2007-2009
  •  Yoga Therapy Certifications, Master Yoga Teaching Institute, 2007-2009
  •   Ayurvedic Practitioner and Classical Yoga Therapy Program, Mount Madonna, 2009 with honors. Areas of expertise include – digestion and nutrition, botanical medicine, women and children’s health, classical yoga therapy, sanskrit, pulse analysis, western anatomy and physiology, ayurvedic anatomy and physiology, lifestyle counseling, ayurvedic psychology, disease process, clinical assessment, disease treatment, cleansing therapies, rejuvenation therapies.
  •   Ayurvedic Health Counselor Degree, Mount Madonna Institute, 2006
  •   Teaching Yoga Workshops Certification, Master Yoga Teaching Institute 2006
  •   Private Jyotisha Tutelage, Col Puri, Rishikesh India, 2005
  •   Certified Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher {750 hours}, Master Yoga Teaching Institute 2004
  •   Certified Embodyment® Yoga Therapist, Master Yoga Teaching Institute, 2001

    Professional Experience

    Professional Experience

    •  Logged 10,000 hours combined training and in-the-field work with over 1,000  yoga therapy students and clients
    •  Mentoring Yoga Teachers, private practice 2014-present
    •   Master Faculty of Yoga Therapy Trainings at the Stress Management Center of Marin, 2013-present
    •   Co-Founder + Director of Emeryville Yoga Therapy Center, 2013-present
    •   Training Yoga Teachers and Yoga Therapists, 2010-present
    •   Chief Marketing Writer and Editor, Banyan Botanicals Ayurvedic Company, 2010-2011
    •   Ayurvedic Practitioner, private practice 2009-present
    •   Chief Marketing and Fundraising Writer and Editor, Master Yoga Foundation, 2006-2010
    •   Board Member, Master Yoga Foundation, 2006-2009
    •   Yoga Therapist, private practice 2004-present
    •    Yoga Teacher, private practice 2001-present

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